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Egyptian Expedition

Egyptian Expedition

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This eight-mission adventure is a highly interactive and engaging educational program that gives students practical experience and proficiency in coding and drone piloting in a simulated environment as they try to solve an ancient Egyptian mystery left behind by an early explorer.

Students learn the basics of drone flight and navigation, and apply science and math concepts to write code to program the drone to complete the objectives
of each mission.

The program is designed to cultivate and increase students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills with limited assistance and instruction from the teacher.

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A brand-new simulated drone flight program for students in grades 5-8 brought to you by Drone Legends!

The Egyptian Expedition Experience is an innovative curriculum that challenges students to apply their STEM knowledge and problem-solving skills to code and fly a drone in a simulated environment.

As leaders of their own learning, students use these skills to complete eight missions, solving puzzles through hidden clues left behind by the explorer.

Program Overview

▶ Program Duration: eight to ten one-hour class periods

▶ No physical drones or other hardware required

▶ Student-driven, easy-to-follow, self-paced modules with limited teacher instruction required

▶ No previous coding or drone flight experience needed for students or teachers

▶ Students can work individually or in teams of two.

▶ Compatible with Chrome and Safari browsers

Includes 1x Egyptian Expedition Experience Print Pack

Resource and reference pages – supplemental materials to aid students in understanding and solving problems throughout the program

Drone Pilot Notes – worksheets and problem sets for each mission, with room for students to document ideas, plans, calculations, and coding steps

Teacher’s Guide – includes lesson plan outlines for the entire program and answer keys for each mission Drone Legends is pleased to offer a complete print package for the Egypt Expedition Experience, which includes 1 Teacher’s Guide and 25 student folders, with all the reference and resource pages and Drone Pilot Notes for each mission.

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